*** Published on the anniversary of the Great Blizzard of 1977! ***

                     ***  Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ***


Greetings fellow Rotarians!

Last week's meeting had no faulty A/V equipment allowing Brian Schmidt to give an excellent presentation of the partnership between Clarence Rotary and the Clarence Central School District. Please consider sitting on the advisory board. Our link with the youth of Clarence is one of our most prominent community activies.

This week's meeting is a club assembly, same bat time, same bat channel. We anticipate a long fining or is that "Feinen" session! After our scheduled meeting is over, Susan will convene the 50th Anniversary Commemorative meeting at 1:30.

Everytime I read my issue of the Rotarian, I am always utterly impressed with the works that Rotarians undertake all across the globe. This last issue highlighted an "etiquette and courtesy" program available to schools designed and run by a Rotarian out of the state of Washington. She has offered to make the program available to any club, free of charge, as long as the club implements and monitors the program in their local school.

Yet another example of the good that Rotarians are capable of. So when you dwell on what would befit a commemorative 50th anniversary, please keep your minds open wide and broad. We, as Rotarians, are emminently capable of effecting permanent positive change, both in our neighborhoods, and around the globe. Bring your thoughts to Susan at tomorrow's special meeting.

Yours in Rotary,