About Our Club
The guiding principle of the Foundation seeks to maximize its impact by contributing primarily to the capital funding projects of self-sustaining institutions and programs.
Further, in funding projects, allocations are made only from the Foundation's income earned on principal, thereby preserving the principal. This procedure assures that the Foundation is an ongoing participant in community-oriented programs.
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Executive Secretary
Immediate Past President
Executive Secretary/Director
The following are the Past Presidents and contributors to the History of The Rotary Club of Clarence 
Curtis H. McKown  60-62 
Theodore W. Paul  62-63 
Thomas A. Ceglia  63-64 
Lee F. Pettis  64-65 
Vincent J. Morabito  65-66 
David Palmerton  66-67 
Allan Banzhaf  67-68 
Jack F. DeWitt  68-69  
Frank Morabito  69-70
Howard McConkey  70-71 
Norman E. Naab, Sr.  71-72 
Pat Casilio, Sr.  72-73
James Murphy  73-74
Malcolm M. Anderson  74-75
William Casilio  75-76
Owen Whitman  76-77 
Frank M. Harris  77-78 
Casey Andrzejewski  78-79 
Paul D. Herman  79-80 
Richard S. DeWitt  80-81 
David H. Burke  81-82
Norman B. Emerling  82-83
Donald Roberts  83-84
Ronald M. Boehm  84-85 
George D'Amico  85-86 
Frank Carpenter  86-87 
George Onions  87-88
Richard Milewicz  88-89 
Terence Buczkowski  89-90 
David Rosner  90-91 
Stephen D. Carlson  91-92 
Charles W. Kohout  92-93 
Patrick Casilio, Jr.  93-94
Robert Geiger  94-95 
Edward Dinki  95-96 
Robert Artis  96-97 
Domenic Cortese  97-98 
Norm Naab, Jr.  98-99 
Jim Hultman  99-00 
Paul Justinger  00-01 
Domenic DiLoreto  01-02 
Jim Hughes 02-03 
Joe Floss 03-04 
Peter Cournan 04-05 
Vincent Amigone 05-06 
Len Baran 06-07 
Barbara Guida 07-08 
Robert O'Connell 08-09 
Robert Friedman 09-10 
Susan Ballard 10-11