Never assume, as in don't assume Sam is short for Samantha, it could be Suzanne! :)

We had a wonderful club assembly at one of our project sites, the Clarence Nature Center. The setting is, no doubt in my military mind, one of the best! The short walk from the parking lot must have been exhausting to many as there was NO FOOD when us tardy ones arrived! Now y'all know what a day of real hunting does to your appetite! 

I'm not sure days of hunting Kevin Pletho has seen, but he was sure quick to reply to Bill "Nature Boy" Hudson's first question out of the gate, " What kind of animal is that?" "Moose" shouts Pletho, without a millisecond of hesitation. There's a future club President for you!

Bill's presentation was awesome, and he touched upon some points that made it clear why I so much enjoy our annual lunch at the Nature Center. As much as we provide the basic essentials of life to children in distant lands, so should we provide access to nature for our own urbanized youth.

Our special guest was Terry Buczkowski, a former club member who now hangs his badge in the S.W. Orlando club. Terry is a unique individual not only because he served as our club president in 1989-1990, but also because he is spending his retirement years JUMPING OUT OF PERFECTLY GOOD AIRPLANES! Nut-so!? Well, not to this U.S. Army Airborne wannabe. Terry has over 400 parachute jumps to his name!

Speaking of U.S. Army Airborne, not wannabe's but the REAL DEAL, Uncle Frank is recovering from hip replacement surgery at the Greenfield Rehab Center just west of the Lancaster Country Club. Please visit Frank if you can. His cell phone number is 440-2485. Get well soon Uncle Frank , so you can go from chairborne to AIRBORNE again, sir. And we thank you DEEPLY for your service sir.

This week's meeting is back at the Protocol, and is a Club Assembly.

Also, while the "web" team led by YOUR PRESIDENT, Bob Friedman and Peter Cournan have asked us to update our personal information on the clubrunner website, Jimmy Morabito would also like you to email him any changes in your information for the official secretary records. Records on electrons are nice and easy, but hardcopy RULES!

In Rotary,

Gene C.