We were again blessed with the company of prospective members Rene, Sam, and Frank at our last meeting. Our FineMaster, and a fine FineMaster he is, even had us play a name game. Thanks to the recruiters and our prospective new members.

Tomorrow's meeting will be at the Nature Center, next to the Highway garage on Sheridan. Please click here:  http://www.clubrunner.ca/CPrg/DxEvents/memberregattendee.aspx?cid=319&iid=83919&class=5&dir=f  to give Jim Morabito an accurate head count as the meal is being delivered on site.

Also, for you early risers, Dave Theilmann is coordinating our "Adopt a Highway" platoon tomorrow morning at 7:00 SHARP. His annoucement is attached.

Dont forget to register for the District Conference. It sounds like an event filled weekend!

Until then, I remain

Yours in Rotary,

Gene Chaas