**** District Conference October 16-18th, 2009 @ The Millenium on Walden ****

We had a relatively well attended meeting on Sep 4th, given that it kicked off a long holiday weekend. Our guests were the lovely Chrissy Cassillio, a guest of Paul J., and Phil " the Nutcracker", who may have been Joe D's or Jimmy H's guest. Anyone who busts nuts for a living is always WELCOME!!!!!

Speaking of bustin', by popular demand, we DEMAND our FineMaster, and a fine FineMaster he is, endeavor to actually get a good story to end the show. Remember, you're only as good as your last one-liner! And yes, I'll have my dollar ready tomorrow.

Susan " Luck-o-the-Irish" Ballard picked up last weeks 50/50 and a cool 95 clams. Now, we have three females who regularly attend the luncheons, and two of them have hit the jackpot in the last three months. Barb, you're up !

The hubbub at our table, even though our presenter couldn't sell a blast furnance to a freezing Eskimo, was that the shelterbox might be a worthwhile benefit for our club. We hope the chatter reaches the ears of the club officers and committee members. Please visit http://www.shelterboxusa.com  for information on this very valuable service effort. Designed for those who literally need it most. Shelter is a basic need.  

TOMORROW, a topic I was just penning another column on, SURVIVAL!  We have Dave Bissonette, Clarence Disaster Coordinator as our guest. Clearly, judging by poise "under fire" , Dave knows his job well and hopefully can share some good advice with us.


In Rotary,