Cool meeting at the school. No Fines! New Member GTG!

Our club meeting on Aug 21 at the Middle School was very cool! For those of you in attendance, who also are lifetime Clarence residents, it must have felt like your 50th reunion!  :)

Seriously, as Dr. Tom illustrated the personal connections between the building , literally, and our club, I was astonished at all the good times and shared experiences our club has at that school. Also astonishing was Dr. Tom's memory!

And while two of our best FineMasters were in attendance, there was no fining! So for those of you who missed it, well, I'm a newbie but,  a Clarence Rotary meeting without fining! What a rare treat!

We must of all felt like kids again at those low tables! I know I did! It was clear when I was sitting there enjoying a wonderfully, and I mean wonderfully, catered event from Dash's, that my mind pondered what kind of device I could construct, from materials readily available in the cafeteria, to launch foodstuffs at the Wolfe residence a scant 150 yards to our West.

Don't fret Peter. It would have been free bird food.

We thank Dr. Coscio for hosting us and providing a lovely tour of the facility, and a vrey good talk about the interrelatedness of the school to the Clarence community.

If tomorrow's weather is anything like today's ( its clearing now), tomorrows FALL FEST at the Floss Estates will be a blast! Joe and Debbie open their home to Clarence Rotary once again for what is guaranteed to be a great time. 8050 Salt Road. 5:30. Be there!

Our membership has done a good job in recruitment as we've just published two announcements for Rene' and Frank. I know that each of us can't bring someone new in every year, but if we can each bring a member in every few years, the club's future would be bright indeed.

Good work Clarence Rotary!

Let's Party Hearty at the Floss's tomorrow!  

Yours in Rotary,

Gene Chaas

E-Bulletin editor.