We've gone from 35 degrees to 55 degrees in 24 hours and will be going back to 35 degrees as a daily high permanently in 72 hours - WELCOME TO BUFFALO!!!

The dusting of snow we received helps gear us up for the Holiday season; the rush to buy gifts, all those client Christmas parties, the lovely innocence of the children who still believe. December in Buffalo is a wonderful time of year! Just don't ask about February. :o(

I, like many, vacillate between being prepared for the Holidays well in advance, OR being a last minute Johnny. Our young friends down at Fulton street dont much have that luxury. Any treat is a surprise. I have asked the lovely and talented Diane Cortese to show up to visit Uncle Frank this Friday at Greenfields. While its always a pleasure to have Diane as a guest at our meetings ( especially when Dom isnt her host! - he hasnt signed up yet!), her visit with us on Friday is part of her Christmas mission to distribute gift angels to the club.

With only twenty some odd members signed up for Friday, and over forty not, we still have a logistical problem in that we need to get the gift angels to those Rotarians who wish to give something special to a stranger this season, because unprovoked acts of kindness is what the season is all about.   

If you will NOT be attending our lunch on Friday, or our X-Mas party next Tuesday, where Diane will be present with fistfuls of angels, please email me gene.chaas@raymondjames.com or Diane princssdi@email.com with your request of gender and age, and we will try and accomodate you.

Thank you for your act of kindness to a stranger in need.


***** NOTICE      NOTICE    NOTICE     ******





Prospect:  Simon B. Joseph

Classification:  Restaurant Owner

Sponsor:  Bill Casilio

Residence:        8320 Greiner Road

                       Williamsville, NY14221

Business:          La Scala Ristorante

                        9210 Transit Road

                        East Amherst, NY  14051

 *****  -----------------------------   *****



Thank you all for your kind attention, and please get with Diane so she can get her Xmas gift list done and ready for our children's party on the 20th.

See you Friday!  

Yours in Rotary,