Greetings fellow Rotarians! 

Let us first publish for the second time, our newest prospective member:





Prospect:                       Simon B. Joseph

Classification:                Restaurant Owner

Sponsor:                        Bill Casilio

Residence:                    8320 Greiner Road

                                     Williamsville, NY14221

Business:                      La Scala Ristorante

                                     9210 Transit Road

                                    East Amherst, NY  14051



ITS ALMOST HERE!!! I mean the 13th annual Childrens' Christmas Party!  What fun I had at the store asking all the moms what to buy!! Seriously, for resons I cannot descibe nothing gives me more pleasure than buying an anonymous gift. It is the Spirit of the Season!

Speaking of gifts; it is VERY important that we deliver these gifts to Diane Cortese PRIOR to the event. Trust me, I had mine in the truck when I got to the event and it causes undue confusion for Diane, and there's enough logistics going on.

WE STILL NEED SANTA"S HELPERS FOR SUNDAY!! Please see Paul J., Diane, or myself.

PLEASE BRING YOUR ANGEL GIFT TO TOMORROW'S MEETING!!!! If you cannot get it to the meeting tomorrow, you'll need to get it to the Cortese's house NLT dinner on Saturday so she and her elves ( elves, they look like bouncers to me!) can get it all sqaured away before Sunday morning.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!!!

Your newsletter scribe is remiss in not having any juicy fodder from our adult Christmas Party; we had a last minute glitch and were not able to attend. But any "scuttlebutt" whispered in my ear is sure to make it to this quasi-public publication!

See you all AND YOUR GIFTS tomorrow!


Gene Chaas


P.S.  This for Kevin, simply to ensure we all get there w/o frostbite....  :o)  Admittedly, the directions to the Fulton St. Center are a bit confusing. Diane was kind enough to provide these written directions:

The Clarence Rotary Kid's Christmas Party - will be held at the Fulton Street-Perry Auditorium. To get there take the 90 West to the 190 heading toward downtown Buffalo. Exit at the Hamburg Street exit- #5 . Turn right onto Hamburg Street. At the first light, turn right onto Perry Street. Continue on Perry Street and cross over Alabama, Hayward and Louisiana streets. Turn left approximately 100 yards after the light at Louisiana onto Fulton Street Alley. (There is no sign. It looks like a narrow driveway.) The Perry Auditorium will be on the left next door to the Catholic Charities Fulton Street Outreach .