Clarence Rotary EBulletin week of 8/17

Disctrict Gov Suchak's visit.

 A new Uncle Bill recipient.

 Nice threads. ( Or,  Len gets Da Funk!)  

Clyde Lockie joins us.

Chuck Kohout can't win without Mary.

MUST RSVP this Friday's meeting at Clarence Middle School.


The peak of summer, and therefore summer fun, must finally be upon us as even hosting Gov. Pravin Shuchak and his wife didnt draw a capacity crowd at our Aug. 14th meeting. Additional proof of same is that the club bestowed the coveted Uncle Bill award on a first timer, Judge Sillars, who walked in right behind me! :o   On time, I might add!

Our quintessential Uncle Bill recipient, Dr. Tiso did not make his usual, quite precisely timed, tardy entrance. Carm must be knee deep in summer fun, OR up to his elbows in student's teeth as we near the start of school. NICE SMILES! And where is Ms. Floss? Therese? Therese?  Must still be out spending her 50/50 winnings!

What the redoubtable Clarence Rotary lost in quantity, we gained in quality, as I have never witnessed such a well dressed meeting! Even Len Baran was allowed to borrow a shirt from Bob Artis's closet. And Len was stylin' bigtime! Either the district governor's presence had a play, OR, the very fastitious and meticulous attire of our new Club President, Bob Friedman, is wearing off on us. Or could it be that Bob Artis is finally wearing off on us and FUNKifying even Len Baran! Either way, Good show Bob & Bob!

District Gov.Suchak spent more speaking time bestowing accolades on our club than he did speaking of Rotary International. Each of you should be proud to be a member of this Rotary club. Pravin held us out as a model club in the district. The reputation of Clarance Rotary preceeds us wherever we go in Rotarian circles. You all deserve a Pat on the back.  Pat Jr., that is.  

We also had past president Clyde Lockie join us for lunch.

Our club enjoys excellent "depth on the bench" in our FineMaster squad. Last Friday, the great "relief FineMaster" Jimmy Hughes was allowed to "pitch a few", and what a performance! After imposing a harsh $5 fine limit, the great curve ball king Hughes proceeded to fill the baskets with crumpled photographs of dead presidents in a well prepared volley of insults, call outs and even kudos! Such a transformation of scuttlebutt into legal tender has hardly been witnessed before.  What a fine, FINE performance!

Unfortunately, the term "better half" is indelible etched upon Dr. Chuck Kohout's mind, as he simply couldn't get the 50/50 game won without his better half. So by club decree, we request that Team Kohout be present at the meetings since it's clear that Chuck is ruddlerless without his Officer in Charge! :)

This Friday's meeting will be held at the Clarence Middle School on Greiner Rd. Please park in front, enter through the front doors and make an immediately left heading towards the south cafeteria. Let the ever present smiling face of Joe King be your guide.  BUT FIRST....

FIRST, please RSVP this lunch. Now, I loved those school cafeteria-borne grilled cheese sandwiches that could easily be substituted for a dangerous weapon ( grilled cheese bricks), but I can only eat so many! Seriously, this is a catered lunch. So as to not waste food or club funds, we need to get an accurate head count. 

Everybody ( this means YOU!) , please go to our website, from the homepage click on the Upcoming Event, titled Club Meeting RSVP!!!.On the event detail page you must click "attend or deline". You will then be given a confirmation number and an e-mail will automatically be sent to Dr. Tom Coseo.

Thank you, and hope to see you all there! In the meantime, ENJOY THE AUGUST HEAT!

And don't forget to ask a friend to join us next week for a picnic!

Yours in Rotary,

Gene Chaas